The play plot has no beginning. The story starts at a random point of time. The protagonist is Dominick Waleran, an old man, who is  awaking from years of sleep, unsuccessfully trying to remember the circumstances of the death of his beloved wife in 1941 year. Chained to his bed, again and again he is recalling their lives through a series of soundtracks. He is returning to the dark doors, and behind one door is the day when his wife was tragically killed. After opening another door, he is allowing the ghostly visitors from the past into his room and even into his bed. The scene is becoming dim, where people's faces, scents and sounds aggressively penetrating the comprehension.  These effects are symbolizing memories of the world of past and connecting them with present reality.
The memory flashes from the past reveal the fate of people who lived in the tremulous, dangerous, and unstable era.

Director & Writer: Aleksey Shishov

Co producer: Olga Pinson

Puppet  Designer: Viktor Antonov

Composer: Tatiana Aljoshina

Performers:  Victoria Melnikova, Irina Zimina, Natalya Korobejnikova, Aleksey Politschuk

Co production: BIZZARO theatrical group (Boston) & TANTAMARESKI theatre (Saint-Petersburg)

Duration: 70 min.